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tropicPlaygrounds: November 17, 2009

tropicPlaygrounds.. ..towards playful collapse?
3DayWorkshop at the Kunst Universitat Linz,

StudentsWork: students have been experimenting with digital and analogue computation to index and transform ephemeral conditions, such as users behavior and light intensity field, as they unfold in the main staircase landing of Linz University Building. Referring to the minimal paths experiments by Frei Otto and to the FibrousRoom project by ecoLogicStudio, students have been working with wax and fibers in order to “grow” a garden-playground of self-organized branching structures. If the two reference case studies deployed soapy solutions and fiber-reinforced concrete as material agent; the selection of wax ,as part of this experiment, has allowed the new material system…the new garden-playground to form structurally stable organization while keep evolving (melting, deforming, changing color etc) in a mutual feedback with its originating environment.
TheBrief: when the matter of architecture is freed from the essentialist conception that considers it as a formless entity regulated by transcendental geometric rules, forms and proportions, it suddenly acquires potential of self-organization and becomes generative. In this state matter can go far beyond the resolution of structural or constructive problems as it provides models for dealing with the complex feedbacks that occur between multiple (and often contrasting) forces, like the ones operating in dense urban contexts. The workshop seeks to breed these models by developing 1:1 scale material organizations that operate as analogues computers subjected to specific sets of structural and organizational principles, programmatic regimes and urban stress fields.
workshop tutor: Claudia Pasquero
workshop series curated by: Sandrine Von Klot