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ICAMP: landscapeSeptember 1, 2007

A Regional ProtoGarden - ICAMP -Messina - Italy. The ICAMP design charrette has been promoted and hosted by the Technical University of Messina and Sicily Region and took place in Messina at the beginning of September 2007. The uniqueness of the setting of the Stretto was in itself a reason for stimulating urban design confrontation; lately the discussed project of the bridge has added more emphasis on the problem of revitalizing an area of coast so rich of unexpressed potentials.

The work of ecoLogicStudio was devoted to uncover, measure and evaluate this potentials. Moreover the ambition of the work was to propose a method and related tools to productively develop a series of pilot projects capable of a catalytic action. Both the design method and the solutions proposed were highly speculative, yet always site specific and rigorously developed. The result was the generation of a large urban co-action plan, the so called "regional proto-garden" for the Stretto City Region.The region was framed through 5 managerial zones differentiated by topographic condition: ravines and mountain cords, waterfronts, marine basin and the lagoons areas. The topographic regions have been identified to allow the scanning of the territory of the city-region and the identification of areas of common geologic origin and ecologic behavior. In each region specific operational fields have been developed, and the local Ecological Stress has been defined as the main triggering condition for intervention. Ecological Stress manifest itself has an unbalance that drifts the dynamic processes of a region out of equilibrium; from the point of view of the city-region these conditions can be read as emerging patterns of social tension or conflict, loss of economic potential, environmental devastation or pollution. Our analysis has leaded us to believe that a social disconnection between urban development and the understanding of the local landscape was taking place with evident negative repercussions on both realms. As a consequence the design has developed a catalogue of proto-gardens, pilot projects devoted to stimulate reconnection and intensify co-action between socio-economic groups and their immediate surrounding landscape.

Among them we can find the ecoTOURISTIC LOOMS (touristic looms provide a planning framework for the development of eco-touristic settlements. The prototype operates across two realms: the management of the relationship between productive-agricultural and consuming-leisure programmes and their spatial articulation along the dynamic coastal edge of Casa Bianca),

MIGROTYPE (migratory fluxes of birds and mussels are managed locally to promote the emergence of a new concept of natural reserve ecology. The project includes a management network that will connect with the other nodes along the migratory routes and a urban furniture system for increased local human/nature interaction),

BIO-DIGESTING BELT (the prototypes coordinate waste production, reuse, recycling and conversion through a network of processing stations. The stations become centers of new local community organizations and urban life - ecoPiazzas),

BATHYMETRIC TISSUE (the Stretto dynamic and highly differentiated water body is turned into a potential environment for touristic and scientific research activity. The project coordinates a set of new technologies operating as platforms for direct interaction, energy generation, sensing and testing, fauna and flora feeding, erosion management).

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