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protoCity: July 11, 2008

Prototyping the city Workshop - for Turin World Design Capital 2008 - Turin - Italy. Prototyping the City has taken place in Torino and has been conceived as an intensive collaborative Design and Build Summer School; organised in collaboration with the Architectural Association, the Columbia University and the turin Polytechnic it featured 4 master tutors, 4 collaborators and 35 students selected by school from all over the world. The task has been to design and construct a prototypical information desk for Turin World Design Capital 2008. The Brief titled BIOdegrading Pavillion explored the potential of prototyping as a creative instrument in the production of the contemporary city. Architecture has traditioally lacked the forms of serial production and mass production wherebye prototyping sensibilities have evolved in related design fileds. The idea of architectural type is today undergoing a radical redefinition due to the obsolescence of historical models being radically reconfigured by new urban conditions, lifestyles, economic transformation and technological innovation.The students work has consisted of design and testing (week 1) and installing (week 2). The event was concluded by an internaitonal symposium with gusts including Bernarde Cache [Objectile], Brett Steele [AA] and Antonino Saggio [Nitrosaggio].

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