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Fishn'Chips: cyber-Gardens / ecoMachinesJune 20, 2010

The "Fish&Chips Apparatus" fits into the context of International Exhibition design “Spontaneous Schooling”, with the participation of 86 architectural workshops around the world. The exhibition design is innovative in that images of the international workshops will be shown on faceted orbs that will hang as a field of information, interwoven with installations from workshops re-created in the space. While workshops are rapidly becoming an important platform for experimentation and the production of ideas, they have never been critiqued outside of specific reviews, or as a broader methodology in architectural teaching. This exhibition aims to explore why workshops exist and provide some insight into their role in architectural education. The work is truly presented as an experiment or study. In this way our project “Fish&Chips Apparatus” is part of a larger concept -Cyber Garden- which  assert that machine, human, environment, computer, will co-design and co-evolve into new artificial living systems.

Fishes swim around floating feeders agitating them and producing small and high frequency waves >> sensors are recording waves frequency in real time >> waves patterns and therefore fish colonies patterns are read by a parametric modelling software generating an ever evolving design output>> the digital gardens drawings become interactive maps of the fish colonies daily behavior, of the visitors feeding patterns and the designer reaction to them both >> spatial and material organization and human / animal behavior co-evolve.

Main data:

dim: 30x60x40 cm

weight: 5kg [empty]

capacity: 60 liters max

Apparatus material:

- 60 lt. tropical fish tank furnished with:

 _heating system

 _filtration system

 _lasercutted cover

_interactive floating feeders

-25 tropical fishes

_1 arduino board with lasercutted holder

_16 flex sensors with custom dedicated circuit board

_1 lasercutted food holder

-custom codes and digital parametric models.

-apparatus diagram and coral gardens original digital drawings.

The apparatus does not need assembling. It can just be plugged into a Laptop and can run; the laptop needs to be equipped with the software and codes provided. If a printer is available the design outputs can be printed out to create a graphic history of the garden. During shows natural or wide spectrum artificial light must be provided.

The computational equipment does not need maintenance.

The feeders need to be cleaned after a show.

The tank can be emptied after a show and filled again with new water, filters and fishes; in case of prolonged exhibition the tank can perfectly function as an aquarium but needs top up of water and change of filters every two weeks.

The apparatus is currently available and ready for any exhibition. 
For any enquiries please contact:

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