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tropic.Pground: December 1, 2008

eco-machines v2.0: tropic.playground - Architectural Association BAR - London. A tropism (from Greek, tropos, to turn) is a biological phenomenon, indicating growth or turning movement of a biological organism, usually a plant, in response to an environmental stimulus. Lacking neural systems plants achieve tropic response through direct local action/reaction to environmental stress fields; the overall response is an emergent property of the system and depends largely form the organizational patterns of the single operational units [cells] within the plant’s organism.
INTER10 has experimented with sunflowers, cress and the Venus fly traps to extract 3 levels of observations: structural/ kinetic [cells’ organization to achieve tropic growth, structural resistance and environmental responsiveness], cybernetic [feedback loops of information, matter and energy between plant and environment] and molecular/material [plants as constrained, multilayered pneumatic systems]. These observations has led to the formulation of 3 organizational logics and related 1:1 scale material systems, abstract models of tropic organisms.
The exhibition presents a first experiment on how these 3 machinic models can be deployed to generate playfulness, transforming the AA BAR into a “tropic.playground”.

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