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eM: ecoMachinesMay 1, 2007

ecoMachines Workshop@IAAC -Barcelona - SpainStarting from an analysis of local microclimate and from the definition of performativeengagement with a related dynamic process, each group defined its own schematic ecomachinic prototype. A first catalogue of parametric variations was produced in response to a local gradient field of forces while a first parallel material definition supported a rapid prototyping experiment.This three starting ingredients evolved their integration with subsequent evolutions of theinitial prototype; each team performed a series of physical test/simulations and recorded theresults with an appropriate medium. The final presentation featured the 3 stages of development and a live simulation of the machineperformance. The digital material was also collected and presented with specific focus on the flow ofinformation between the physical and digital models, the filtering strategies (scales/resolutions) and the parametric manipulation (differentiation/variation).Modules:dynamical processes:-carbon production/sequestration-sedimentation-filtration/sorting-sound energy propagation-condensation/evaporationmachinic techniques:-fermentation-piezometric generation-flow manipulation (funnelling)-density manipulationmaterial system:-algae/yeast system-parametric obstacles-parametric cavities-piezometric foils-inflatable bubblesmachining techniques:-CNC milling -laser cutting -3Dprintingtesting techniques:-wind or water flow test-algae photosynthetic test-light generation test-floatation test-sedimentation test