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Machinic C II: Fibrous StructuresMarch 4, 2013

“Let us not be misled. We are not interested in a machine that will simply parrot a human designer, nor are we interested in a machine that will have an autonomous existence by which to mimic and replace an architect. An Architecture Machine will feature a dependence. An artificial intelligence is in fact an interdependence.”
N. Negroponte
Through the production of a 1:1 scale prototype during the 4 days workshop, the students from Fabrication Ecologies research line at IAAC 2013 were able to explore the potential arising from the combination of robotic fabrication and algorithmic design.
Running as a collaborative process, the construction exploited two fabrication protocols based on the use of hemp fibres developed by the students of the Fabrication Ecologies Studio: aggregate system via pick-and-place of fibrous units and non-woven fabric skin via robotic spraying of raw hemp filaments.
The process advanced through loops of design and fabrication with the work of each group informed by the decision taken by the ones preceding it. Digital interfaces for real-time scanning (Kinect) and generative modelling (Grasshopper for Rhino) were used to feed the cybernetic loop that emerged between designer, machine and material system; triggering a generative conversation driven by constant negotiations and specific design decision.
Fabrication Ecologies Program Directors: Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto
Workshop tutors: Andrea Bugli, Alexandre Dubor

Students: Jean Akanish, Drew Carson, Franciso Castillo, Marisa Charusilawong, Alexander Dolan, Kartik Gala, Sofokli Giannakopoulous, Gabriela Gonzalez, Vincent Huyghe, Yogesh Karekar, Stefanos Levidis, Iker Luna, Peter Malaga, Niccolo Marini, Priyanka Narula, Venkatakasi Raju, Aishwarya Sampath, Ahmed Selim, Jin Shihui, Georgios Soutos, Ali Yerdel

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