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The Bioelectric City [BeC]: BioCities / algae / architectureSeptember 29, 2015


An algae based energy regime that adhere to non-hierarchical agents that influence a continuously adaptive fibrous morphology to deliver electricity symptomatically to inciting and holistic urban spaces, through the utilisation of collective intelligence. 

We have asked questions about the urban fabric, from a territorial and urban scale to a human and product scale. These questions have brought us to explore the symbiotic relationship between the human and the algae and their individualistic relationships with electrical energy. Essentially, our research is the exploration of a new algae based energy regime. As Jeremy Rifkin, an American economic and social theorist, stated in his book, ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’, a new energy system can be utilised when there are new communication technologies. He explains that in order for that to happen, new methodologies of organisation and management of new temporal and spatial dynamics would need to be considered. We use tubular parameters to explore different design ideas of spatial organisation that is responsive to the electrical input of the algae, inevitably exploring the algae’s dynamism. This would in turn allow us to understand the social implications of an energy thirsty society. The research will seek to explore design that is emergent in nature and will explore the involved components from a product to a territorial scale. The implementation of intertwining a series of dynamic morphological processes would in the end provide the re-ordering of human relationships and suggest an inciting urban design that we call the bioelectric city. 


studio tutors:

Student team:
Vicki Xiao, Liran Sun, Dongming Sun, Mohammed Muhaymin

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