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Env Tectonics: September 12, 2008

Artificial technologies are now influencing natural evolution to such an extent that we may consider our existence to be as much a product of our own technological culture as it is of "mother nature". A conscious recognition of this condition can support the formulation of a new contemporary architectural paradigm capable of reconciling two key cultural and methodological oppositions: the architecture of natural conservation vs the architecture of technological transformation (of the land and its ecosystems), and an architecture of aesthetic vs the ethical value of building.
From this new perspective we can identify three emergent conditions that become the starting point for the formulation of a new paradigm, wich we will define as "architecture for the age of ecology".
-As the environment is being shaped equally by nature and by technology, the conservative ethos of environmentalism neds to give way to a new ethics of transfprmation.
- Operating under conditions of transformation implies an understanding of architecture as the product of dynamic forcesoperating in time; the ethics of an architecture of "historic processes of material transformation" cannot be conceived in isolation from its aesthetic outcomes.
-Technologically developed societies are diverging fundamentally from "natural" societies. Finding ways for both to co-evolve in an interconnected world will pose profound ecological and ethical challenges in the near future - the answers will most probably be found in a new paradigm of a global ecology based, once again, on an ethics transformation.

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