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Arch Machines: February 20, 2009

Architectural Machines

Running time: 105 mins

The relationship between architecture and science has reflected the changing relationship between society and nature. Supported by ever-increasing computational power it is now possible to feel, measure, read and visualise complexity; this allows a direct material engagement with dynamic processes to escape the restricted field of science.
From the purely metaphorical and figurative, the relationship between architecture and science is emerging as material and, ultimately, prototypical. Moreover the material of architecture has radically expanded its meaning, incorporating aspects that are virtual, potential, dynamic and informational. The symposium presents this emerging diverse palette of material approaches. Co-ordinated by Marie-Ange Brayer and Claudia Pasquero. Brett Steele - Welcome Marie-Ange Brayer - Introduction and presentation of YOUNIVERSE exhibition ( Stefano Mirti (Idlab (Animal Pharm - in collaboration with Elio Caccavale) Theodore Spyropoulos (AADRL/minimaforms) (Memory Cloud)
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Architectural Machines