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photo.Synthetica: BioCities / algae / ecoMachines / food / light / oxygen / soft claddingApril 29, 2018

photo.synthetica is a consortium co-founded by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, directed by ecoLogicStudio in Partnership with Urban Morphgenesis Lab - UCL and Synthetic Landscapes Lab – University of Innsbruck.

Our mission is to:

· Bring Photosynthesis to the build environment.

· Store solar energy ecologically.

· Decarbonize cities.

· Cultivate the public realm collectively.

· Retrofit buildings into bio-power stations.

· Pioneer the bio-Smart sector.

· Enable the urban healthy food revolution.

· Turn pollution into raw material.

· Grow architecture beautifully.

· Enable eco-systemic urban growth.

· Design new technologies for bio-conscious cities.

To learn more visit www.urbanalgaefolly.net

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