A biotechnological interactive furniture that enables haptic stimulation.

An interactive furniture that purifies the air, with the power of photosynthetic microalgae.

The BioBolla is made of a unique kit of parts. It is completely dismountable and reversible. Every component can be recycled or go to compost at the end of its lifetime. It is waste free and carbon neutral in its lifetime. All the parts are a bespoke design. It is designed, engineered and assembled by ecoLogicStudio in Hackney.

The project benefits both employees’ and visitors’ health and wellbeing, with oxygenation, relaxing background bubbling sound, air purification. Bio.Bolla captures CO2 equivalent to ONE mature tree with the power of photosynthetic microalgae.

Bio.Bolla can be found in the waiting room of the Arona Italian Embassy, in Tenerife. This way, both adults and children can relax, play and learn during their wait.

The furniture hosts three borosilicate glass bioreactors filled with bubbling Cyanidium caldarium microalgae culture and 3d printed, biodegradable components. These implement the Photo.Synthetica technology for the advanced integration of photosynthesis in the built environment.

Flowing pipes
Bubbling bioreactors

Bio.Bolla brings to both employees and visitors a valuable educational experience through the power of observation, play and interaction.

Interaction with the flexible pumps

The furniture offers an interactive, kinesthetic feeling due to its pliable, unique, custom made 3d pumps that allow the algae to flow throughout the system. The fabrication process becomes adequate for the pumps' purpose while the design allows the 3d printing technology to generate its flexibility.

Axonometric catalogue of parts

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BioBolla catalogue

Informative Bio.Bolla poster
Italian Embassy in Arona (Tenerife, Spain)
February 2023
ecoLogicStudio (Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto)
Design: ecoLogicStudio (Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto with Konstantina Bikou, Haoyi Chen, Anshika Tajpuriya, Alessandra Poletto, Violeta Perez)
BioBolla| Academic partners
The Synthetic Landscape Lab at Innsbruck University, The Urban Morphogenesis Lab at the Bartlett UCL.
BioBolla| Collaborators
Vice Consolato D'Italia Arona (Tenerife), kindly supported by Endesa
Italian Embassy in Arona (Tenerife, Spain)
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