HORTUS.PARIS the machinic harvest
March 28, 2013

Tags: Algae, Paris, Hortus
Fabrication Ecologies term 2
March 27, 2013

Tags: Barcelona, Iaac, Digital tectonics, Fabrication ecologies,
March 22, 2013

Tags: Farming, Tunis, Ud, Ucl, London, Energy
Fabrication Ecologies
March 21, 2013

Tags: , Barcelona, Iaac, Digital tectonics, Fabrication ecologies
IAAC website
IAAC blog
AA Italy | Milan Visiting School
July 7, 2012

Tags: Workshop
cyberGARDENS website
cyberGARDENS page on fb
Smart Geometry-Cyber Garden Cluster
January 28, 2011
SG2011 Cluster:Cyber Gardens
[WS2] RESPONSIVE SKINS - Grasshopper Advanced Design workshop with ecoLogicStudio
March 4, 2010

Tags: Parametric, Facades, Responsive, Rhinoceros, Workshop, Grasshopper, Pachube
Responsive Skins Brief
Rhino Training List
[W+L] Internship Programme
February 1, 2010

Tags: Ecology, Design, Parametric, Learning, Internship
[W+L] Internship Programme BRIEF
ecoLogicStudio at DREAMING MILANO|Projects,Dreams and Visions for a Changing City
April 24, 2009
ecoLogicStudio at 'Sustainability for Building Renovation and Restoration' International Conference
April 16, 2009
'Sustainability for Building Renovation and Restoration' International Conference
ecoLogicStudio at aast|advanced architecture settimo tokyo
April 7, 2009
aast blog
ecoLogicStudio and AAInter10 present lunchtime talk on ecoMachines at the Sensable City Laboratory, MIT
March 31, 2009
AA Inter 10 [Eco-machines V 2.0]
ecoLogicStudio talk @ Stockholm Architetcural Foundation
March 16, 2009
ecoLogicStudio presents projects at Collapse(s) 3 days conference @ the IED in Barcelona
March 11, 2009
Istituto Europeo Di Design
Eco Build Symposium at the AA : Eco Build – Sustainable Culture and Pedagogy
March 6, 2009
AA Architectural Machines
February 20, 2009
AA Architectural Machines
AJ Smal Project Award
February 4, 2009
ecoLogicStudio talk @ the IAAC in Barcelona
December 12, 2008
Week-long December ecoMachinic Parade in Seville and Barcelona by AA Inter10 and ecoLogicStudio with CAAC Seville.
December 9, 2008
Work by ecoLogicStudio featured in 'HATCH: the new architectural generation' by Kieran Long
November 25, 2008
Interscalar Istanbul
November 13, 2008
STEMcloud on DOMUS
October 29, 2008
YOUniverse - Sevillie Biennale
October 2, 2008

Tags: Installation
Venice Biennale 2008
September 10, 2008

Tags: Installation
Out There: Architecture Beyond Building
RiverSideWalk Experiment
June 27, 2008

Tags: Installation
AAInter10 ecoMachines
"ecoMachines" Athens
May 30, 2008

Tags: Lecture
Prototypical Shelter
May 28, 2008

Tags: Round table
Stragegy&Research Institue Linz
Fibrous Room
January 5, 2008

Tags: Installation
Light Wall by ecoLogicStudio (Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto AAInter10 tutor) shortlisted for AJ Small Projects Awards 2009