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SysArchitecture: architecture / bio-computation / books / urban design / BioCities / Fibrous Structures / MetaFollies / algae / cyber-Gardens / ecoMachines / energy / landscape / responsive systems / waterJuly 1, 2012

Systemic Architecture is the first book collecting our research and development work. It is published by renown academic publisher Routledge. To order a copy please press BUY Systemic Architecture
The book is a manual investigating the subject of urban ecology and systemic development from the perspective of architectural design.
It sets out to explore two main goals:
to discuss the contemporary relevance of a systemic practice to architectural design, and to share a toolbox of informational design protocols developed to describe the city as a territory of self-organization.

Collecting together nearly a decade of design experiments by the authors and their practice, ecoLogicStudio, the book discusses key disciplinary definitions such as ecologic urbanism, algorithmic architecture, bottom-up or tactical design, behavioural space and the boundary of the natural and the artificial realms within the city and architecture.
A new kind of "real-time world-city" is illustrated in the form of an operational design manual for the assemblage of proto-architectures, the incubation of proto-gardens and the coding of proto-interfaces. These prototypes of machinic architecture materialize as synthetic hybrids embedded with biological life (proto-gardens), computational power, behavioural responsiveness (cyber-gardens), spatial articulation (coMachines and fibrous structures), remote sensing (FUNclouds), and communication capabilities (Ecological Footprint Grotto).
Supporting the authors’ own essays and projects are contributions from key innovators in contemporary architecture and urban design: Michael Batty, Andrew Hudson-Smith, Michael Weinstock and Patrik Schumacher.

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