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World Dubai: bio-computation / books / landscape / urban design / water / BioCities / cyber-GardensJanuary 3, 2011

This book, edited and published by ecoLogicStudio, illustrates the unique design research project “World Dubai marine life incubators”. The project was conceived by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto and conducted within the framwork of the Intermediate Unit10 Unit at the Architectural Association in London.
Focusing on “the World Dubai” artificial lagoon, the research illustrated here explores how architecture can co-exist and co-evolve within the local marine habitat and prefigures future scenarios of development based on converting the lagoon into the first ever urban incubator of marine life.
The book experimental nature is based on the attempt to synthesize and present in a coherent form research material coming from diverse domains such as marine biology, environmental engineering and technology, art, landscape design and of course architecture. 
The ambition is to show the potential for architectural and urban innovation that emerges from such a transdisciplinary design approach; moreover it will be argued that such an approach becomes necessary when confronted with complex and large urban transformations such as the “World Dubai”.
The book will also include the material from two related exhibitions curated by ecoLogicStudio and the AA Intermidiate Unit10, the “Coral Gardens” exhibition held in Dubai in December 2009, and the “World Dubai Marine Life Incubators” held in London in June 2010.
For purchasing information please contact:

Claudia Pasquero, Marco Poletto
AAINTER10 Unit Masters, ecoLogicStudio Directors 

AA: Wesley Soo, Masaki Echizenya, Noam Hazan, Lola Lozano, Alessandro Bava, Yu Won Kang, Leila Meroue, Wei Hou, Michalis Patsalosavis, Katerina Albertucci, Zachary Fluker, Wenlan Yuan, Iker Mugarra Flores

ecoLogicStudio ltd: Marco Poletto, Claudia Pasquero, Alessio Carta, Manuele Gaioni, Neil Grant

Maria Arceo -Artist 
Dr Abeer AlJanahi-W S Atkins-Assistant Professor British University in Dubai 

British University in Dubai 

Research supports: 
Nakheel – Property Developers, Biorock – Artificial Reefs and Marine biology Specialists

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