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AqvaGarden: BioCities / Fibrous Structures / algae / architecture / bio-computation / ecoMachines / landscape / waterApril 1, 2007

Aqva Garden was one of the first ecoMachines to be built as a 1:1 prototype exhibition. Presented at the Fuorisalone in Milan, AG was the result of a collaboration of ecoLogicStudio with Francesco Brenta e Laura Micalizzi.
Aqua Garden is an artificial garden that functions as a distributed rain collector and as a water storage system. Unlike conventional recycling system AG doesn't hide its functional apparatus; rather it embodies it in its structural matrix, the branching system.
Moreover AG operates by expanding the climatic effects latent within the management of water and its transitional states (e.g. evaporation). Rain water becomes the protagonist of perceptual games and gardening processes, opening new potentials in the conception of ecologic infrastructures for the built environment.
The Aqva Garden prototype is a fibrous structure developed by mean of an inverse branching operator applied onto a single bundle of 256 tubular netting fibres. The bundle starts in a single point, a water source positioned on the roof of a Milanese courtyard block. After 5 generations of bifurcation points the fibres reach the ground filling up the courtyard space and ending in 256 water collection bags; as more water flows, the weight of each bag changes constantly with its evaporation and/or collection altering the pattern of tensional stresses within the tenso-structure and as a result  redefining of the overall configuration of the system.
Bags can be emptied by users and their position chaged causing further readjustments of the overall configuration of the garden in real-time.

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