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Met-Prt.Garden: algae / bio-computation / cyber-Gardens / food / urban design / water / BioCities / ecoMachines / oxygenApril 1, 2009

The "Urban Center Milan" is the first Italian proactive multimedia initiative to both provide information and promote partecipation in the city's development projects. It is a space wholly dedicated to working with the city and international partners in welcoming and discussing forthcoming urban change.
ecoLogicStudio was invited by curator Luca Molinari to be part of a show providing future urban visions for Milan in anticipation to the main theme of the forthcoming World International EXPO of Architecture taking place in Milan in 2015.
The concept for the project "Milan 2015: Metropolitan protoGARDEN" evolves from modernist idea of green urban parks to a prototype for the development of a new sustainable metropolitan lifestyle; the garden stops being purely organic and becomes a synthetic hybrid, embedded with electronics, remote control, performance e computational power.
The new proto-gardener can then nourish the metropolitan environment with its daily actions: directly and remotely, materially and digitally, through sensors or servomotors. The proto-garden evolves in a per-formative network that feeds and is fed back by the cultural and social evolution of the metropolis.
The project was presented as a series of computational maps of Milan developed by mean of custom designed algorithmic techniques and data provided by online platforms as Google Maps.
The vision was then narrated through a video, that you can watch below, prefiguring a new kind of urban interface for collective intelligance and urban cultivation.

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