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AILATI: bio-computation / energy / responsive systems / BioCities / MetaFolliesAugust 29, 2010

ecoLogicStudio was invited by curator Luca Molinari to propose a new installation for the Italian Pavillion at the Venice Biennale 2010, named AILATI. The project was developed with scientists from the Global Footprint Network. 
The project analyses the increase in global consuption and the emerging imbalance in relashionship to the productive capacities of the biosphere.
What are the processes that define the increase which kind of relationship exists between debitors and creditors countries? 

The Ecological Footprint Data Grotto, developed by ecoLogicStudio as an immersive and interactive installation, translates global footprint data into a spatial device, a hanging ceiling that transforms in real-time.

The ceiling embodies the representation in a relational architectonic system of the ecological footprint data of the most important countries in the world. Each country is assigned a certain amount of rice or clay depending on thier status as creditors or debtors of resources in the global system. Once hanging the ceiling becomes beautifully 3D as the wieght of rice and clay particles causes the ceiling to take a peculiar form. Each country can then be modified by the visitor causing a reorganization of the whole ceiling or “world-system”.

Videos describe the system's how to, the data source and the narrative of some of the most relvant flows of matter, information and energy that fuel contemporary global urbanisation.

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