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STEM: BioCities / algae / ecoMachines / light / oxygen / soft cladding / waterJune 25, 2006

STEMv1.0 was first presented at the London Architecture Biennale 2006 in Broadway Market at the SevenSeven Gallery.
Stem is a "living" screen system, able to engage with sun light and to generate oxygen via photosynthesis.
STEM grows and evolves its physical qualities out of its relationship with sun light; light is filtered and captured for photosynthetic operations; oxygen is produced and carbon dioxide adsorbed; more light results into more oxygen production and more screening potential; less light turns into less photosynthesis and more transparency.
The overall systems configuration, its liquid transparency and its breathing potential is initially defined by the radiation gradients in the space; but as the living material starts to grow and evolve the parameters will influence each other and the system will be subjected to constant transformation and will demand artificial manipulation, or interaction, from the users.

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light diagram
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